This blog is a result of the spark my Aunt Martha ignited in me to CREATE! She said, "you must create is a gift and it would be a shame to waste it". "Two hours a day" she said...I balked. Does creating supper count? Stacks of brightly colored folded laundry? Nope. Trust me, I would LOVE to have two hours a day to create, and some days I have the time to, but mostly I find it hard to have two hours. However, I am committed to not waste the gift and the projects you see here are the product of my unleashed passion.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A tree

So...I have had to spend a lot of time doing photo editing recently and that has left me with less time for pen to paper, or needle to yarn or anything else really. I've also been having trouble with concentration issues and I'm working on finding out the root of the problem. It doesn't seem to be affecting my creative side, just my ability to think through things. I have some ideas to the cause, so I'm making some changes in my life to see if I can get some improvement. is a watercolor word art I did for my dad. He preached on Father's Day and we went to the early service (8:30 am). As he was preaching on Psalm 1, I was inspired to do this I came home and did it for him for Father's Day. I would change a few things now that I look at it again, but he liked it and I enjoyed the creative process involved. Done on 10x14 Montval 140# paper

On the photography front, I have a few favorites lately. I am really enjoying getting more proficient at using Photoshop...learning shortcuts mostly and using some actions. I love the actions over at The Pioneer Woman blog - they are awesome and FREE, although I would pay for them if I had to because I love using them so much!

Precious little girl from the Purity Ball at our church:

My Wedding Ring (for a photography challenge over at Weeds and Wildflowers)

I cannot take credit for the photography on this one - Tyler took it - BUT I do take credit for the editing!

A few layouts I made recently (also done for Weeds and Wildflowers challenges...I think I have found my new digi-scrapping "home" the community there and the products aren't too shabby either!):

That's it for now!