This blog is a result of the spark my Aunt Martha ignited in me to CREATE! She said, "you must create is a gift and it would be a shame to waste it". "Two hours a day" she said...I balked. Does creating supper count? Stacks of brightly colored folded laundry? Nope. Trust me, I would LOVE to have two hours a day to create, and some days I have the time to, but mostly I find it hard to have two hours. However, I am committed to not waste the gift and the projects you see here are the product of my unleashed passion.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back from vacation

I have tons of pics to edit from our trip to Big Bend National Park in west Texas! I made sure while we were away that my hands were not idle for long (although after a day of hiking up and down mountains, I could barely lift my head, much less make my hands move!).

I crocheted some little dish sponges to go with my MIL's birthday gift of spices for her kitchen. I didn't take a picture before I gave them to her, but the pattern is here and I used a bright rainbow colored variegated cotton:

I had grand designs of taking my watercolors everywhere and sitting and painting plein air (outside), but we were just too busy. I did however paint a couple of postcards on location, which was fun, even though they are not great works of art! One went in the mail and one was hand-delivered to my mom when we got home ('cause moms appreciate things like that, ya' know).
I also have been working on a couple of journal/book projects, which I have yet to take pics of, but will do so soon. One is an altered discarded library book and another is a handmade watercolor sketch-book...I'm stuck on the final stitching process of that one and have to do a bit of internet research to figure out how to finish it off.

Ta-ta for now!

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