This blog is a result of the spark my Aunt Martha ignited in me to CREATE! She said, "you must create is a gift and it would be a shame to waste it". "Two hours a day" she said...I balked. Does creating supper count? Stacks of brightly colored folded laundry? Nope. Trust me, I would LOVE to have two hours a day to create, and some days I have the time to, but mostly I find it hard to have two hours. However, I am committed to not waste the gift and the projects you see here are the product of my unleashed passion.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends…

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My friend’s son is getting married next month and I was invited to the bridal shower. I wanted to do something unique. Wandering around the internet, I was inspired by this post at Thankfully, I have a wonderful friend who was willing to bring her vinyl cutter to our homeschool co-op meeting on Tuesday and print out the vinyl needed for this project. Thanks SO much, Sharon!

I picked up two 18.5 x 8.5 picture frames at Walmart, cut the back insert out of one, sandwiched the vinyl between the two panes of glass and placed them in one of the frames (saving the other frame for some other project someday…I bought two frames so I would have two panes of glass). Used E6000 adhesive around the back edges of glass to hold it all together. Loved how it turned out and the bride seemed to like it too!


  1. Bretta, I just found your post this time for blogging lately. :(
    This turned out so well! You have inspired ME! I think we work well together, don't you? Shouldn't this be rewarded with a trip to Ellijay or something?!?!?!
    Anytime on the vinyl...

  2. YES, SHARON... it should be rewarded with a trip to Ellijay, where I get to come and play with you all!!!

    I loved seeing this finished. It looks amazing!!

    You are one of the most crafty people I know... When I need a gift I'm coming to you for ideas... cause girl, you are full of good ones!

    Love ya bunches!

  3. Yes, we work well together! Always have, even back in our "clock" days :o)

    Thanks, y'all! I was happy with it. The hardest part was getting the glass CLEAN and keeping it clean while putting it together (since it's glued you can't take it apart to clean it later!).

    Yeah, let's plan a trip after co-op gets out to putter around at thrift stores and drink coffee together!!!