This blog is a result of the spark my Aunt Martha ignited in me to CREATE! She said, "you must create is a gift and it would be a shame to waste it". "Two hours a day" she said...I balked. Does creating supper count? Stacks of brightly colored folded laundry? Nope. Trust me, I would LOVE to have two hours a day to create, and some days I have the time to, but mostly I find it hard to have two hours. However, I am committed to not waste the gift and the projects you see here are the product of my unleashed passion.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shutter Love Smiles

My purple bear made it to the week’s top 10 photos! Thank you, Trendy Treehouse! This week’s topic is “Smiles”.

My submission is of my daughter Christa Joy and husband Josh when they were newly engaged!

stretchmymouth copy



  1. what a funny shot - love the joy in their faces!!

  2. The colors in this just pop out of the screen! I love that. I have a hard time editing my photos because I want UBER contrast!