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Friday, February 6, 2009

Dying Wool....with Kool-Aid

So I had this rather unappealing (to me anyway!) yarn that I picked up at the thrift store ages ago for a steal. You will recognize it from previous posts as some I felted. Anyway, I was less than enthusiastic about the color. Then I read that natural animal fibers (wool, silk, etc.) could be dyed...with Kool-Aid! Yes! I decided to see if I could get something "yummy" out of that wool. I used Wyler's brand instead of Kool-Aid brand and it worked just fine. Below are my experiments:

Dyed with Black Cherry and Grape Kool-Aid
Original yarn is on the left and the dyed is on the right. Beautiful!

Orange and Tropical, not so excited about this one, since I'm not a big "orange person." Not terrible, though!

I do love this one though...Berry Blue something or the other and Grape.

This was heaps of fun and smelled good too :o)
These were just small test batches, now what to do with the three skeins of the original I have...

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  1. You are an amazingly, creative woman......

    Love ya!