This blog is a result of the spark my Aunt Martha ignited in me to CREATE! She said, "you must create is a gift and it would be a shame to waste it". "Two hours a day" she said...I balked. Does creating supper count? Stacks of brightly colored folded laundry? Nope. Trust me, I would LOVE to have two hours a day to create, and some days I have the time to, but mostly I find it hard to have two hours. However, I am committed to not waste the gift and the projects you see here are the product of my unleashed passion.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


That's what I've been up to. Yes, I have other things to do, but needed some "art therapy" the last day or two.

Nina (ninascraps at put out a new kit, joyful.days, and needed some layouts for her previews, so I came up with this. The template is from my other creative team...Melanie Colosimo, also found at

I did a test dye of that funky wool with some Rit Dark Brown and well, it turned out brown, just brown. Pretty, but not very interesting.

Crocheted on Reece's wrist warmers...during Sunday School. Ward teaches the youth every few weeks and I realized that it is a nice time to sit in class and crochet a mindless pattern. In Australia, it was commonplace and acceptable for women to knit during church services. I think I listen better if my hands are moving...must be why I like doodling so much. Christa Joy, I think you got that from me!

I started crocheting a rag rug from old blue jeans last night and it is coming along nicely already. Uses a huge hook, so it moves pretty quick. The hardest part is cutting the jeans into strips. Dealing with the heavy denim makes my hands tired too while I'm crocheting, but it's fun and will make a nice little rug for my bathroom.

I'm looking forward to getting my camera fixed. It's under warranty and the only problem I have with it is that the connection to the pc doesn't work. My little card reader doesn't work on my new pc for some weird reason, but works on Tyler's, so doing pics entails getting the cards off the card reader on T's pc and then transferring them to mine by a flash card so I can work with them. Eh, a pain!

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  1. Yes, I do get that from you! Grandmother was always doubtful of my claims of "needing to doodle" in church I think. :-p